Gershone and Gina primarily offer events at yoga studios with mantra music alone or with guided postural yoga. Please scroll down for descriptions.

They also present at festivals and offer specialty events: Satsang with Kirtan, Retreats, Embodied Resonance Workshops, Private Events, and more! Scroll down for more info and contact us for more information

Yoga & Live Mantra Music Experience

EMBODIED BLISS combines slow flow with restorative yoga and live mantra music for a beautiful synergy that grounds and elevates. What is Embodied Bliss?

FLOWING NECTAR weaves gentle and restorative yoga and live mantra music for a healing, sweet flow.  What is Flowing Nectar?

RESONATE & RESTORE features guided restorative yoga poses accompanied by live mantra music

All are appropriate for all levels.  

KIRTAN BLISS - Mantra Music & Heart Song Experience

Gershone and Gina are a dynamic duo that bring a unique sound to their high energy mantra music offering, sharing the power of mantra as medicine with ecstatic devotion. Fusing elements of traditional kirtan with improv trance, rockin’ grooves, with sweet harmonies and deep spaces that move energy and uplift the heart in the collective experience of Bhakti Yoga. Together Gershone and Gina weave a tapestry of sound, love, and wisdom. Come as you are - sit and receive, or chant and move with us!  What is Kirtan Bliss? 

Mantra Music Sound Journey

Mantras are sacred sounds that have been used for thousands of years to create a powerful vibration in the body and mind, helping to promote healing, relaxation, and spiritual growth. Join Gershone and Gina for a unique mantra music sound journey that moves you through deep inner spaces, alchemical transformation, and euphoric unfolding in your body, mind, and heart. There is no guided movement in this experience - just lay back and bathe in the vibration, or move and chant as you feel. All are welcome. 

Embodied Resonance Immersive Experience

Join Gina and Gershone for an Embodied Experience of Resonance through Sacred Sound: Yoga, Breathwork, Vocal Toning, Mantra, and Meditation. Attune your instrument with postural yoga, breathwork, and vocal toning, and flow into experiential movement, devotional chanting, and meditation. Experience deep relaxation, expansion, and empowerment through the instrument of cosmic consciousness that you are! 

Yoga and live music together reach where separately they cannot go alone. With decades of devoted practice and offerings between them, Gina and Gershone weave together their respective arts to invite you into communion, bliss, and presence - deeper into your heart and into connection with each other. Join us for this very special event to resonate and elevate body, mind, and spirit.

We also offer a 1-hour version of Embodied Resonance as a back-to-back offering with another event such as Kirtan Bliss! 

Satsang, Mantra Music & Meditation

Explore the teachings of Reality, Consciousness, Bliss and GRACE in satsang, weaving in the magic of mantra music and meditation to experientially dive into the Heart.

(with a variety of topics possible)

Live Mantra Music

Gershone & Gina also offer live mantra music for other facilitators' yoga and movement classes, workshops and retreats. Contact us for more information.